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Your Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

If you have wisdom teeth that are painful, it's important that you read this blog. My name is Cassie Yardley and a few months ago I started having excruciating pain in my back teeth. I went to my dentist and he said that I had an impacted wisdom tooth. He told me that I would continue having the pain until I had the tooth removed because it was pressing against another tooth. My dentist could tell that I was anxious, so he took the time to tell me all about wisdom teeth, why we have them and why it's important to have them taken out. After my mouth healed, the pain was completely gone and I'm glad that I had the tooth removed. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, please read my blog to learn all about them and how a dentist can help.


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4 Reasons Your Teeth Are Sensitive

One of the things you will want to do is ensure your teeth are healthy. This can be accomplished by making routine visits to your dental practice and discussing any issues you have. However, you may be faced with teeth that are extremely sensitive at times. It's important to know the cause of your sensitivity to be able to minimize it as much as possible.

Reason #1: Brushing too hard

Did you know that using too much gusto when brushing your teeth can cause too much sensitivity? This could lead to reducing the enamel of your teeth and is sure to be the last thing you will want to do.

Taking time to brush your teeth more gently on a daily basis is certain to be helpful in this situation and may decrease any sensitivity you may be having.

Reason #2: Grinding your teeth

If you have a stressful job or a rough day, you may find that you're simply grinding your teeth at night. This can lead to some problems that range from headaches to increased sensitivity.

It's a good idea to consult with your dental provider about choosing a mouth guard you can wear when you're sleeping to help with this situation.

Reason #3: Eating too many acidic foods

It's important to monitor your diet to ensure you eat the right types of foods on a daily basis. Eating fruits and vegetables is sure to have a good impact on your well-being.

However, you will want to avoid acidic foods in excess because this could cause you to suffer from sensitivity. Additionally, you will want to limit a number of sodas you drink daily because these are full of acid. It's always a good idea to drink from a straw.

Reason #4: Retaining excessive plaque

One thing you will want to do is to practice good oral hygiene on a routine basis. This will help control the plaque in your mouth and reduce the possibility of it becoming too excessive.

The most efficient way to minimize plaque is to see your dentist and get a thorough cleaning as recommended by your provider.

Working harder to have teeth that don't cause you a great deal of discomfort is sure to be one of the things you wish to do. It'll help you avoid pain and future expenses. Learn more about tooth sensitivity by contacting dentists through dental practices such as Brandywine Dental Care.