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Your Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

If you have wisdom teeth that are painful, it's important that you read this blog. My name is Cassie Yardley and a few months ago I started having excruciating pain in my back teeth. I went to my dentist and he said that I had an impacted wisdom tooth. He told me that I would continue having the pain until I had the tooth removed because it was pressing against another tooth. My dentist could tell that I was anxious, so he took the time to tell me all about wisdom teeth, why we have them and why it's important to have them taken out. After my mouth healed, the pain was completely gone and I'm glad that I had the tooth removed. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, please read my blog to learn all about them and how a dentist can help.


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3 Ways To Create A Perfect Wedding Day Smile

A wedding day is often one of the most important days of your life and something that you will look back on for many years to come. Whether it's through photos or videos, the day is captured in candid photos, portraits, and through dozens of random captures from people with phones. To help prepare for the day, you can use a variety of dental services to help create the perfect wedding day smile. Each of these services has different features and benefits to eliminate imperfections and give you a healthy smile that can be captured on your wedding day and last for years after the ceremony has ended. Browse through the following three dental services to see how they can each create an ideal wedding day smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening

A wedding day is full of a lot of white, including the dress of the bride. With so many bright colors, you do not want stained or faded teeth to become a sore spot in the images and moments that are captured. A professional teeth whitening treatment can bleach your teeth to the perfect shade of white, and the process is typically completed within just a few hours. The main benefit of visiting a dentist for teeth whitening is the ability to use a stronger bleach agent than any at-home can offer. This will help the process work longer and more effectively.

Dentists also have the ability to form a custom tray that goes over your teeth. By using this tray, you will ensure that all of your teeth are covered and whitened evenly. By properly taking care of your teeth, the effects of the whitening can last for several months and up to a year. This gives you plenty of time to make a whitening appointment before the wedding date.

Dental Implant Restoration

There are many reasons why are smiles are not the way they used to be. Teeth may fall out, get chipped, decay, or get worn down due to teeth grinding. You can correct these issues and return your smile to what it originally was thanks to dental implant restoration. The restoration process includes multiple steps and should be planned at least three months before your wedding date. This way, the implants will be healed and a natural part of your mouth as the wedding day arrives.

A dental implant restoration is an anchor that is attached to the jawbone of your mouth. This anchor fuses to the jawbone and becomes a natural part of your mouth so that any new teeth feel just like the other teeth in your mouth. A dentist will use digital scans and technology to create a tooth replica that fits in your mouth and matches other teeth. The tooth crown is then placed over the implant anchor and permanently attached as part of your smile. Multiple teeth can also be replaced through dental implant restoration, giving you an ideal smile for your wedding day.

Laser Gum Treatment

A variety of gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease can all have big impacts on your wedding day. Bad breath, bleeding gums, and swollen gums are just a few of the side effects that can impact images and actions as you go through the ceremony and reception. Prevent a number of these issues by treating your mouth with a professional laser gum treatment. Along with a deep cleaning to eliminate bacteria and plaque, a laser treatment can eliminate damaged gum tissue and reverse the effects of various gum diseases. Sometimes you may have multiple appointments to treat different areas of your mouth. Once the treatments are completed, regular mouth care can help keep the gums healthy and ready for an amazing wedding day.

As you plan your wedding months ahead of time, it's also important to plan out the different services you will use to create a healthy smile. This will ensure you have plenty of time to go through different treatment options.

For more information and tips on scheduling, talk with a dental clinic in the area, such as Tijeras Dental Service.