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Your Wisdom Teeth Questions Answered

If you have wisdom teeth that are painful, it's important that you read this blog. My name is Cassie Yardley and a few months ago I started having excruciating pain in my back teeth. I went to my dentist and he said that I had an impacted wisdom tooth. He told me that I would continue having the pain until I had the tooth removed because it was pressing against another tooth. My dentist could tell that I was anxious, so he took the time to tell me all about wisdom teeth, why we have them and why it's important to have them taken out. After my mouth healed, the pain was completely gone and I'm glad that I had the tooth removed. If you have questions about your wisdom teeth, please read my blog to learn all about them and how a dentist can help.


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Five Ways Dental Implants Can Help You Be Pain-Free

Mouth pain can often trigger discomfort that no medicine can help levitate. This is why many dentists will choose to have a permanent solution for your mouth instead of just temporary pain relief. One of the main options for replacing teeth in your mouth is a dental implant. While the implant itself will require surgery and some healing, the ultimate result will help keep your mouth as pain-free as possible.

Not only will the direct pain be gone, but dental implants can remove pain from your mouth in five different ways.

Jaw Bone Security

Getting multiple tooth implants is important for securing your jaw bone. A healthy jaw bone is essential for a pain-free mouth. When you lose a tooth or damage your jaw, you can experience pain with every single movement like eating.

As a dental implant is installed, the jaw bone will be secured with titanium. This helps add strength to your jaw and will prevent the damage from spreading further.

No More Root Canal Procedures

Choosing to have an implant instead of routine dental work can help eliminate painful procedures. One of these procedures is the root canal. During a root canal procedure, a dentist cleans and repairs the center of the tooth. This typically occurs when the center of the tooth is inflamed and could possibly have to be pulled.

Sometimes the inflammation is so bad that a dentist will offer you the option of an implant. When you choose to have an implant, there is no need to go through another root canal. The new implant will help keep your mouth healthy and out of the dental chair.

Cracked & Chipped Tooth Pain

Just the feeling of air hitting a cracked tooth can cause a lot of pain in the mouth. One of the main reasons for this is because of sensitive nerve endings in the tooth. A chipped tooth can cause pain in multiple ways. Jagged edges can cut against the lips, cheeks, or tongue. Instead of capping the tooth off, you can have it completely replaced with an implant. Using 3D technology, dentists will be able to form a tooth that matches your jaw perfectly. The new tooth will be durable and resistant to breaks or cracks.

Emotional Pain

Physical pain is not the only type of pain that can come with your jaw. A chipped or missing tooth can cause self-confidence problems and eventually result in emotional pain for people that are not happy with their own smile. If you are not happy with your teeth look, then dental implants may be the solution. The teeth can be designed in a style that you are happy with. This can be something that matches your original smile or something completely new.

Just because you are not physically hurt does not mean there's not a valid reason for your need to get dental implants. It's a good idea to consult with dentists over possible implant designs. A scan can be made of your mouth to showcase different replacement possibilities.

Eating Foods

Anyone knows how hard it can be to consume a variety of foods when dealing with tooth or jaw problems. Eating thick meats like steak can be a real struggle if you have a cracked or inflamed tooth. If your front teeth are hurting, you may force a lot of effort on your jaw by constantly chewing on a specific side.

When you replace a tooth with a dental implant, you remove the sensitive nature of cold foods, crunchy foods, or thick foods that are hard to bite through. A new tooth will be durable and offer years of chewing. Depending on the type of tooth you need replaced, eating food will be more enjoyable and remove the pain that was previously associated with it.

Go to sites and consult with your dentist about insurance options, surgery procedures, and any questions you have about dental implants.